Criminal Investigation Division


The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for follow-up investigation on most criminal offenses reported to the police. CID is made up of six detectives. Detectives are assigned to handle specialized investigations such as crime scene processing, theft, forgery, assault, homicide, robbery, and sexual assault.

Narcotic investigations are handled by Detectives assigned to the Special Crimes Squad and investigate all narcotic crimes to include possession, distribution, sale, manufacturing, and transportation of illegal drugs and financial crimes from money laundering and Highway Interdiction.

Information alerts are shared with appropriate divisions and outside agencies in an attempt to prevent further criminal activity. Upon completion, successful investigations from the Criminal Investigation Division are presented to the County or District Attorney for prosecution.

Criminal Investigation Division Staff

The Criminal Investigations Division is made up of an Investigations Supervisor with six detectives. A Special Crimes Squad consisting of a Supervisor and three detectives. A Gang Unit consisting of a Supervisor and two detectives.
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