Gang Unit

About the City of Alice Gang Unit

The Gang Unit of the Alice Police Department combines enforcement and educational activities to inform parents, school teachers, and other interested community groups in the signs and symbols of youth gangs. Educational programs and public presentations are available for your group by contacting the Gang Unit at the numbers below.

Gang Unit Educational Training

Parents can do a lot to prevent gang problems or to reduce gang problems already in place. Most importantly, there is a lot that parents can do to keep your children from joining gangs with simple things like:
  • Learn about gangs and signs of gang activity
  • Sharpen your skills as a parent and use them
  • Join with others to make or keep your neighborhood gang free

Gang Unit Enforcement

The Unit while in the community patrols neighborhoods and business districts to identify and document individuals that have affiliations to youth street gangs as well as prison gang members. In order to prevent gang activity the Unit is proactive to let those individuals involved know that the Gang Unit is actively monitoring gang related activity.

The Gang Unit also documents activities and individuals that meet criteria established by State law. This documentation becomes a valuable tool in the enforcement and prosecution of gang related activity.