City-Owned Game Fields

City-Owned Game Fields Sports and Seasons Information

City-Owned Game Fields Address Organization / Sport Season(s)
Anderson East North Texas Blvd. Adult Softball February - September
Bobby Cuellar South Texas Blvd. National Little League Baseball March - June
Girls Softball North Cameron Girls Little League Fast Pitch March - June;
November - December
Kickball (three fields) North Cameron Alice Little Miss Kickball March - June
Mora North Texas Blvd. Senior League Baseball, Soccer May - July
Optimist American East Lincoln American Little League Baseball March - June
Optimist Pee Wee East Lincoln Alice Pee Wee Baseball March - June
West North Cameron/Langord Junior League Baseball March - June

Note: Several fields listed above are host to Boys & Girls Club T-Ball, April - June and Optimist American Little League field is host to Alice T-Ball, June - July.
Optimist American